Shifting landscape

19 04 2007

Mississippi Floods : Designing a Shifting Landscape.
by Mathur and Da Cunha

( a pdf about the project)

map of the ancient courses of the Mississippi river meanders ,from Harold N Fisk


Aerial views

18 04 2007

Microscopic zooms, sculptures, paintings…



The Atlantic Wall museum

18 04 2007

Tha Atlantic Wall

The Atlantic Wall was one of the last major defence lines of this century, built by German occupation forces in the period 1939-1944 along the coasts of France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Norway. During this period more than 12.000 heavy concrete bunkers were built. The project underlines the Atlantic Wall’s architectural, aesthetic, and cultural landscape value as a transnational cultural heritage, preserving a shared memory on European soil an heritage to be safeguarded and protected through the creation of The Atlantic Wall Linear Museum.