CRABstudio blog

2 04 2010

Back after a long period of inactivity! In the meantime I have moved from Paris to London and its been hectic.  The practice I have been in for the last three years, CRABstudio ( Cook Robotham Architectural Bureau) has just started a blog at (website . Sir Peter Cook, will be sharing great stories and insights as will the entire “Bureau”. Should be good fun!

You should also check out which is written by my mate Leopold Lambert. You’re guaranteed a great post every day!

On a very quiet day.. add 10 architects/students... rolls of plans.. 5 bikes and a whole lot of stuff

One of these days!

22 05 2007

a video by Yi Zhou and artefactory, more cool stuff at

The ideal architecture school

21 05 2007

collage made by Vincent Saura for the Cook Studio at the ‘ école spéciale d’architecture’


Digital fish tank

21 05 2007

 a collage made from ‘ A Nous Paris’ images


A musical path

21 05 2007

image inspired by Midi Jazz ,by Rubin Steiner

Wall architecture

21 05 2007

When a stain can become an architecture!!


What if walls came to life?

13 05 2007

Photo taken by Léopold Lambert, fall ’06, London. More photos at


natural scale, cliff or bark?

12 05 2007


Gardens by the bay

19 04 2007

The winning entry to the landscape architecture competition in Singapore. The film the images are taken from (+ many more) can be found at



Shifting landscape

19 04 2007

Mississippi Floods : Designing a Shifting Landscape.
by Mathur and Da Cunha

( a pdf about the project)

map of the ancient courses of the Mississippi river meanders ,from Harold N Fisk